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General Terms and Conditions

General terms of use and conditions for users of the website

1 Basic provisions

1.1 The Operator is the owner of the trademark “cleverinspiration”; is the holder of the domain name “cleverinspiration.com”, is the holder of rights associated with and related to the website, its components and functional elements. The operator operates the website cleverinspiration.com is the holder of rights associated with and related to the website, its components and functional elements. The operator is responsible for the functionality and operation of the website, uses the media space for advertising and assumes responsibility for the website during the term of the agreement.

1.2 The user of the website is a natural person who visits and / or uses the website: cleverinspiration.com (hereinafter referred to as the “User”).

2 Website

2.1 The cleverinspiration.com website is a public internet medium available to anyone with internet access.

2.2 Access to and use of the site is governed by the terms of use of this portal, and by accessing and using this website, the person expressly agrees to the stated conditions and their observance. A visitor who does not agree with the rules and conditions may not use individual elements and stay on the cleverinspiration.com website.

2.3 In order for the User to be able to use the cleverinspiration.com website, he must first agree to these general rules and conditions of use. If he does not agree with these Terms, he may not use this service.

3 Users ‘Privacy and Users’ Privacy

3.1 Registration on the cleverinspiration.com website is voluntary.

3.2 The Operator organizes on the website competitions for material prizes, to which users can apply and voluntarily provide personal data in the range of name, surname, residence (street, descriptive number, city / town, postal code), telephone number. In the event that the User who entered the competition carried out by the operator has not reached the age of 15, the consent of the legal representative of such User is required, which is considered given by the indication of consent in the form for sending competitions or written consent. The Operator will use the personal data obtained in this way for purposes related to the organization of the competition, especially to ensure the administration associated with the organization of the competition, for contacting and handing over / sending the prize in kind to the user – the winner continuation of the competition in the next round and for the purpose of sending advertising e-mails to the e-mail address provided by the User.

3.3 The Operator processes personal data provided by the User voluntarily, namely name, surname, residence, e-mail address, telephone number (hereinafter referred to as “personal data”) pursuant to Act No. 110/2019 Coll. Personal Data Processing Act. By signing the consent in the form provided for this purpose, the User gives the Operator explicit consent to the processing of his personal data, which he voluntarily provided to the Operator in the scope of name, surname, residence (street, descriptive number, city / municipality, postal code), e-mail address, telephone number for the purposes of creating a database for the purposes and needs of competitions organized by the operator on its website https://cleverinspiration.com/ and also gives explicit consent to the provision of personal data for postal purposes and delivery / courier company for the purpose of delivery prizes from the competition and explicit consent to the publication of personal data in the range of name, surname, residence (city / municipality) on the website in connection with the publication of the winner of the competition and the winner of the prize in kind. Pursuant to the law, the User expressly consents to the sending of advertising e-mails by e-mail to the User’s e-mail address, which he voluntarily provided to the Operator. The user gives consents for an indefinite period, for the duration of the processing of personal data for the stated purposes. The user declares that he is hereby informed in a timely and proper manner about the processing and acquisition of his personal data. The user may revoke both consents at any time in writing to the address of the Operator’s registered office or in electronic form to the email address of the Operator. When processing personal data, the Operator proceeds in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act as amended, does not provide the processed personal data to any third party without the consent and does not make it available to any recipient.

4 User Content

4.1 Any User may send Content in various forms. The Operator, regardless of whether this Content is published or not, does not guarantee the confidentiality of any content.

4.2 The User acknowledges that he is solely responsible for his Content and for the consequences of sending or publishing it. The Operator does not express its consent to any Content or opinion, recommendation or advice contained therein and expressly disclaims any liability in connection with the Content.

4.3 The user may not add photos and videos to articles, comments, reports and contributions in the forum that are in conflict with good morals and generally binding legal regulations, including erotic and pornographic photos and videos.

4.4 The Operator does not check the content listed on the page and sent to the User. Contributions are checked only if the author is marked “cleverinspiration team”.

5 Intellectual property / copyright

5.1. Although the site operator and website cleverinspiration.com is not responsible for articles, photos, contributions, comments of Users, but pays attention to the principles in the field of intellectual property and copyright.

5.2 Each User undertakes to add to the articles, comments, posts in the forum cleverinspiration.com only such content for which he has the copyright or consent of the author, otherwise he assumes responsibility for the consequences associated with it.

5.3 By using the site, each user declares that he will respect and respect copyrights to the maximum extent, which means:

  • will not copy content from other sites,
  • will not easily and seamlessly translate all content from other sites,
  • does not use photos whose copyright settlement is in question, is the property of press agencies, photo-banks or individuals and does not have permission for them,
  • if he is interested in using the photos, he contacts the copyright owner / author of the photos with a request for permission to use. The editor will keep the answer, positive or negative. If he uses any photos, he declares that he has settled the copyrights and uploads the photos at his own risk.

6 Infringement of copyright or other rights

6.1 If any inadvertence, even if only through a third party, appears on the site or material that infringes your or anyone’s rights, please contact us immediately and we will immediately correct the error of one of our registered Users who add any content voluntarily and under their own rights. on behalf of without coordination and direct knowledge of the Operator.

7 Content on our servers

7.1 The cleverinspiration.com Portal and its Operator are not responsible for the content and subjective opinions published by individual authors and / or Users in their own name. Opinions and attitudes are not the attitudes of the operator of the cleverinspiration.com portal.

7.2 The content on the site is not monitored by the operator. If there is content on the site that violates someone’s rights or legal standards, the content will be removed after notifying the operator.

8 Links

8.1 The Website contains links to third party / third party websites or the embedded part of third party websites (embedded parts, such as youtube videos) are freely available to any Internet user.

8.2 The Operator does not bear any responsibility for the content of such websites and portals linked to this site through links to or from this site, links to other sites or portals outside this site are made by the User at his own risk. The Operator is not responsible for any unavailability, quality and content of externally linking websites and is not responsible for the content of external websites that violate the law or otherwise cause damage to the User. The placement of such links by the Operator on this page serves only for better orientation of the Users.

9 User rights and obligations

9.1 The User acknowledges that on cleverinspiration.com and all subpages, subdomains may not behave in conflict with generally binding legal regulations and / or with general morality, ie they may not:

– Promote violence and incite, openly or covertly, hatred based on sex, race, color, language, creed and religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, nationality or ethnic group,
– Post erotic content,
– Promote child pornography,
– Promote a political party or its representatives,
– Use the third-party advertising portal directly or covertly,
– Provide false, unverified, misleading or misleading reports about a third party.

10 Rights and obligations of the Operator

10.1 The Operator is not responsible for the content of contributions or discussions and their content, nor is it responsible for the infringement of intellectual property rights or other rights of the User and the user.

10.2 The Operator is not liable for any damage that could be caused to the User or the User in connection with the use of the website, or with the use of services on the website. The operator is not liable for damages that arise from improper use of the user account by the user, misuse or loss of user identification and registration data. The operator is not liable for any damage that the user may have misinterpreted or misused by the information provided on the website.

10.3 The Operator has the right to cancel the User’s registration at any time, even without giving a reason.