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This is our lineup of editors of cleverinspiration magazine, which prepares a daily dose of inspiration for you.

Editor-in-Chief Lukáš: Lukáš is our alpha, whose main hobby is gardening. That is why among his most written articles are heaps of garden design ideas. In addition, our online magazine focuses on the creation of decorations that will elevate the appearance of your interior or exterior to a higher level!

Editor Hynek: Hynek is a passionate foodie who likes to try new tastes. In our online magazine, you can therefore read a lot of recipes from him, which include delicious dishes from salty to the sweetest. If he is saturated with all the goodies, he will also show us his creative side of personality and for that reason we will also see inspiration for creative activities among his articles!

Editor Adéla: Adéla is very fond of interior design and as a nature lover, she often writes about ideas on how to bring a genuine piece of it into your home. In her articles you can explore the inspiration for the real warmth of the home. In addition, Adél is a creative soul, which is why her list of articles also includes a lot of magical ideas for creation!