Home Recipes Divine horseradish sauce – the best recipe for honest homemade horseradish sauce

Divine horseradish sauce – the best recipe for honest homemade horseradish sauce

Horseradish sauce is usually one of the scarce dishes in school and factory kitchens. However, horseradish sauce can be a great delicacy – if you prepare it honestly. Horseradish sauce is quick, healthy, tasty, and despite the more expensive ingredients used, it’s cheap as a result. Here’s a recipe and instructions for making the tastiest homemade horseradish sauce you’ve ever had.

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Horseradish sauce

What we will need:

  • fresh or canned horseradish
  • cream
  • butter
  • flour
  • beef stock or water
  • salt
  • sugar
  • lemon juice

How we will proceed:

  • In two tablespoons of butter or vegetable butter, fry three tablespoons of plain flour. If you don’t have plain flour, semi-coarse flour can also be used. Some people even prefer the sauce to have a slight ‘texture’ that semi-coarse flour gives it. Prepare a golden, fragrant roux.
  • Pour in the beef stock (half to three-quarters of a litre). Since some families like horseradish sauce with their boiled prime beef, there should be no shortage of beef stock when making horseradish sauce. If you don’t cook beef and don’t have broth, pour water over the roux.
  • Boil the resulting sauce thoroughly (about ten minutes). There should be no lumps of roux in it. Then pour in a cup of sweet cream (so-called whipping cream), bring to the boil and adjust the thickness: when the sauce is thin, thicken it with a spoonful of flour whisked in a little water or milk. If the sauce is too thick, dilute it a little (with stock, water or milk). Add three heaped tablespoons of grated fresh or preserved horseradish and bring to the boil.
  • Remove from the heat and season with salt, sugar, lemon juice or vinegar (add a teaspoon at a time). Adjust to a pleasant slightly sweet and sour taste. Seasoning is done off the stove because adding sugar to the sauce can cause irreversible burning. Serve the horseradish sauce with cooked beef, with cooked smoked meat or with a piece of cooked good ham. Those who do not like meat will enjoy horseradish sauce with a boiled egg.