Home Recipes Crispy chicken nuggets stuffed with cheese – delicious cold too!

Crispy chicken nuggets stuffed with cheese – delicious cold too!

Chicken breasts are very popular with us and we always try to prepare them differently. This tried-and-true recipe for cheese-stuffed chicken nuggets has proven itself to us many times over, and is very quick and easy to prepare!

křupavé kuřecí nugetky plněné sýrem – chutnají i studené!
Source: recetin.com

Chicken nuggets stuffed with cheese

What we will need:

  • 500 g minced chicken meat
  • 100 g Eidam cheese
  • salt to taste
  • ground black pepper to taste
  • plain flour
  • eggs
  • breadcrumbs
  • oregano to taste
  • oil for frying

How we will proceed:

1. Salt and pepper the minced chicken. Cut the cheese into cubes.

2. Take the pieces of meat, wrap a piece of cheese in them and shape them into nuggets.

3. Prepare three plates, one with flour, one with egg and one with breadcrumbs and oregano.

4. Coat the prepared nuggets in the classic triple coating of flour, egg and breadcrumbs.

5. Heat a large amount of oil in a deep frying pan or pot and then fry the nuggets in it.

6. Remove the fried nuggets from the excess oil with paper towels and serve, for example, with your favourite dressing.

Good taste!

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